Bio: My friends call me "Welly" because I wear Wellingtons most of the time even in sunny weather, I get lots of stares when I go to work with my Wellingtons on on a fine day.

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6 Responses to About

  1. mandieholgate says:

    I’ve a favour to ask (feel free to say “don’t be so rude go away”!) I’m helping host a ball for a charity that is 10 years old helping people that basically no one else wants to help. Its a working farm helping anyone that needs it. We are putting on a ball. And could do with a picture of a lady in a ball gown in wellies. Every penny we spend is more money we can’t give to the charity and saying doesn’t seem to mean a lot as everyone is charging us a fortune. Is there any chance I may (with a mention for you guys) use the image of Binky in the stunning gown for our flyer. It would appear on our event flyer on Eventbrite FB and be given out. As I say feel free to say. Thanks but no thanks. Great blog BTW. xxx

    • Of course you can but please be aware I got it from the internet but I can’t remember the site as it was downloaded three or four years ago and may be subject to copyright but I’ve had no recourse so good luck.

  2. Allan Jensen says:

    Hallo. Could you please tell me where I can buy the black rubber boots at the first picture. The girl has yellow gloves as well.

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