Pretty Girls wearing Wellingtons 416

1 Waketon Road Bryn Bradsher23 Amelie5 Jane Gill6


About nicewellingtons

My friends call me "Welly" because I wear Wellingtons most of the time even in sunny weather, I get lots of stares when I go to work with my Wellingtons on on a fine day.
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4 Responses to Pretty Girls wearing Wellingtons 416

  1. Jon says:

    Pretty girl, long legs fishnets and black glossy welling tons , what more could a man want in life, just more of the same I spose

  2. Bart says:

    I like the girl with the fishnet stockings, black rainboots black and white skirt and pink purse. She kind of has an edgy look to her. The first 2 pictures of the woman are kind of cute, with her in her gray trench coat, mini denim skirt, and black rainboots. This motivates me to want to put on my denim skirt and rainboots and splash around in some puddles!

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